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Texas Tax Free Weekend 2019 for Emergency Preparation

The first opportunity to shop tax-free is coming soon for Texas. Texas Tax Free Weekend for Emergency Prep. details below. Do not confuse this with the Texas Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday, that’s not until later this year. See when the event starts, what’s included and what’s not included for this… Read more »

Texas Emergency Supplies Tax Free Weekend 2019

New tax free weekend aimed at emergency supplies – Texas Tax Free Weekend 2018 Texas Tax Free Weekend 2018 Emergency Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Most Texans are familiar with the Tax Free Weekend that happens a few weeks before school starts, but did you know there’s a new sales tax holiday for… Read more »

Alabama Severe Weather Sales Tax Holiday 2016

Alabama Severe Weather Tax Free Weekend 2018 Alabama Severe Weather Tax Free Weekend announced for 2018 by Alabama Department of Revenue. (February 23-25, 2018) Alabama Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Free Weekend 2018 will begin on Friday, February 23rd, 2018, and end on Sunday, February 25th, 2018. This will allow Alabama shoppers to stock… Read more »

Georgia Tax Free Weekend 2016

Virginia Tax Free Weekend 2018 Virginia Tax Free Weekend 2018 Date, Items List, Limitations. Virginia Tax Free Weekend 2018 announced for August 3rd through August 5th, 2018: Virginia Back To School Shopping; VA Energy Star and WaterSense Qualified Products; VA Emergency Preparedness Equipment During the Virginia Tax Free Weekend 2018: School… Read more »