Tax Free Weekend Tips

1. Take time to find out what is tax free. It really depends on your state, but there are many different rules depending on the state. Check out our main page for tax free weekend limits and items list by state.

2. Don’t think that the weekend is just for back-to-school. Many of the items on the exempt list are things we all need and want, like computers, tennis shoes, clothes, and even printer paper. 

3. Get organized before the weekend. Take an inventory of what you have on hand and what you need. I’m talking about clothes for the school year, school supplies, etc. Make a list of what you plan to purchase. 

4. Make sure the tax free savings out weigh savings from other types of coupons. Many coupons stack with tax free savings, so go crazy.

5. Think ahead about other exempt items you will likely purchase over the next few months, such as Halloween costumes and holiday items. Buy them during tax exempt weekend and you are ahead of the game.  

6. Piggyback your coupons and store promotions with the tax savings to save even more. Go to retailer websites and check for latest coupons and promotions. Many retailers run special sales events during tax free weekend.

7. Watch the register to be sure you are getting the tax savings you are entitled to. Verify on your receipt that you did not pay sales tax after the purchase.

8. Maximize savings with “memberships” and recycling programs at places like office supply stores such as Office Depot/Office Max and Staples that offer rewards for purchases and for recycling ink and toner cartridges. You can actually make money with this.

9. Know your prices. Don’t buy something just because it is tax-free. Be sure it really is a deal.

10. Save your receipts in case you need to return something. Oh, and it’s fun to use the receipts to add up how much you have saved over the tax free weekend!