Mississippi Tax Free Weekend and Tennessee Tax Free Weekend are now live

Find out what is tax-free in Mississippi and Tennessee right now.

Today and tomorrow Mississippi Tax Free Weekend is going on. Unlike most states, Mississippi doesn’t offer tax-free sales on school supplies. MS Tax Free Weekend is only for clothing and footwear. It is also only today and tomorrow, so back to school clothes shopping is the only for 48 hours. Also a reminder that the sales is only for items less than $100. Source.

The exemption applies to many articles of clothing and footwear costing less than $100 per item (or pair), including but not limited to:

  • Baby clothes

  • Gym suits and school uniforms

  • Hosiery

  • Nightgowns and nightshirts

  • Veils

  • Work clothes and uniforms

All three day weekend long, Tennessee Tax Free Weekend is going on. Unlike Mississippi, Tennessee offers tax-free savings on school supplies and computers, as well as clothing. It is also three days long, so better get on this major back-to-school tax free weekend in TN while it lasts. Source. See TN Tax Free Weekend Limits below:

Clothing < $100

School Supplies < $100

Computers < $1,500

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