Tennessee Tax Free Weekend 2018 – Tax Free Weekend TN 2018

The Tennessee Tax Free Weekend 2018 starts on Friday, July 27th and ends Sunday, July 29th, 2018. A list of tax-free items and their limits are below.

Tennessee Tax Free Weekend 2018

Tennessee Tax Free Weekend 2018 will now be held the last weekend of July.

The holiday is held in July and normally starts at 12:01 a.m. on the last Friday in July and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the following Sunday.

Listed below is a breakdown of the items that are tax exempt eligible and those items that are not. TN Tax Exempt Sales Tax Holiday List

Clothing – $100 or less

TN Tax Free Weekend Clothing
Belts .. Caps .. Coats .. Dresses .. Gloves .. Hats .. Hosiery .. Jackets .. Jeans .. Neckties .. Pants .. Scarves .. School uniforms .. Shirts .. Shoes .. Socks .. Sneakers .. Underwear

Clothing Accessories:
Belt Buckles (sold separately) .. Briefcases .. Cosmetics .. Hair Notions .. Handbags .. Jewelry .. Patches and Emblems (sold separately) .. Sewing Equipment and Supplies .. Sewing Materials, such as Thread, Fabric, Yarns and Zippers .. Sunglasses .. Umbrellas .. Wallets

Protective Equipment:
Breathing Masks .. Face Shields .. Hard Hats .. Hearing Protectors .. Helmets .. Paint or Dust Respirators .. Protective Gloves and Welder’s Gloves .. Safety Glasses and Goggles .. Tool Belts

Sports or Recreational Equipment:
Ballet and Tap Shoes .. Cleated or Spiked Athletic Shoes ..

Gloves (Baseball, Boxing, Golf) .. Goggles .. Hand and Elbow Guards .. Life Preservers and Vests .. Mouth Guards .. Roller and Ice Skates .. Shin Guards .. Shoulder Pads .. Ski Boots .. Wetsuits and Fins

School Supplies < $100.
TN Tax Free Weekend School SuppliesExempt:
School Supplies:
Binders .. Book Bags/ Backpacks.. Calculators .. Chalk .. Crayons .. Erasers .. Folders .. Glue .. Lunch Boxes .. Notebooks .. Paper .. Pens .. Pencils .. Rulers .. Scissors .. Tape

School Art Supplies:
Clay and Glazes .. Paints .. Paintbrushes .. Sketch and Drawing Pads .. Watercolors

School Computer Supplies:
Compact Disks .. Computer Printers .. Computer Storage Media .. Diskettes .. Handheld Electronic Schedulers .. Personal Digital Assistants .. Printer Supplies including Paper and Ink

School Instructional Material – Textbooks and workbooks are always exempt from sales tax


TN Tax Free Weekend ComputersComputers < $1,500.
Computers with a purchase price of $1,500 or less, not for use in a trade or business, are exempt from sales tax. For purposes of this exemption, a computer is defined as a central processing unit (CPU), along with various other components including monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables to connect components, and preloaded software.

Computer parts, such as monitors, keyboards, speakers, and scanners when not sold in conjunction with a CPU .. Individually purchased software or other software not part of a preloaded software package on the initial purchase of a computer .. Storage media, such as diskettes and compact disks .. Handheld electronic schedulers .. Personal digital assistants (PDAs) .. Computer printers and supplies for printers, such as paper and ink

Some Area Retailers have even extended their hours for shoppers, so make sure to call ahead to your favorite shopping retailer and see if you can get in an extra hour or two of tax free shopping.

For more information please visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue website.

*2017 Update – The Tennessee Tax Free Weekend will now be held the final weekend of July from now on.

No Tax Weekend TN 2017

Tennessee General Assembly passed Public Chapter 398 (Tennessee Code Annotated Section 67-6-393) which established an annual sales tax holiday beginning in August of 2006.

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    Was a ripoff this year. End of month, everyone broke. Can’t save money you don’t have. I didn’t get to participate because I didn’t get paid until 3rd of August. Thanks TN government, you screw us every chance you get.

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