Connecticut tax free week 2016 official today

Connecticut tax free week 2016 was finalized by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. The Connecticut tax free week 2016 holiday will go from August 21st to August 27, 2016.

All item details, rules, and regulations from 2015 will still apply for the Connecticut tax free week 2016. CT-TaxFreeWeekend-ip2015-22 for the official details. Also visit our break of the Connecticut Sales Tax Holiday 2016 here.

Full story:

HARTFORD, Conn. — While a budget crunch has the future of Massachusetts’ 2016 tax free weekend in doubt, Connecticut’s sales tax holiday is a go, despite the Nutmeg State’s budget woes.

Connecticut’s tax holiday is set by law for the third Sunday in August through the following Saturday, said Jim Carson, chief of public information at the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. This year that works out to Aug. 21 to Aug. 27.

The Connecticut exemption — geared toward back-to-school shopping — removes the sales tax from clothing and footwear. All those items are always free of sales tax in Massachusetts. Information on the Connecticut exemption is available at Connecticut’s sales tax is 6.35 percent.

Massachusetts’ tax is a tenth of a percentage point lower, at 6.25 percent, and doesn’t apply to most clothing and footwear priced under $175.

Clothing priced at more than $175 is taxable on the amount over the basic exemption. The category clothing includes  gym uniforms, jogging bras, sandals, shoes and sneakers.

But athletic uniforms and cleats for sports are taxable. A whole list of what’s taxable and what’s not is available here.

In Massachusetts, the tax free holiday is only a weekend in August and is a popular time to buy furniture, computers and electronics, and power tools and motorized equipment.

The tax-free weekend exemption in Massachusetts typically doesn’t apply to any item costing more than $2,500 or to things a buyer must register, such as boats, motorcycles and vehicles.

Source: Mass Live.