Amazon Sales Tax Holiday 2024 Information

Amazon participates in Sales Tax Holidays each year. This is the latest information on Amazon Sales Tax Holiday 2024. is currently participating in sales tax holidays for states in which LLC and Amazon Digital Services LLC are required to collect tax.

During a sales tax holiday, purchases of certain qualifying products will be exempt from sales tax for the specified time period only.Amazon Sales Tax Holiday 2024

Just a reminder, not all items sold on Amazon are sold by Amazon, so read each item carefully.

Amazon Sales Tax Holiday 2024 School Supplies List
What is this code used for? This code is intended for school supply items normally used by students in a classroom for educational purposes.This table primarily focuses on tax treatment during sales tax holidays. Sales tax holidays for School Supplies typically specify that the exemption applies only to individuals purchasing items for personal use and does not apply to items sold for use in a trade or business.

What kinds of products are typically included? Items typically included within this tax product code are:
• Paper holders and fasteners (e.g. binders, clipboards, staplers and staples).
• Paper items (e.g. paper, bluebook, construction paper, stationary, notebook filler paper, poster paper, composition books and notebooks).
• Art supplies (e.g. paint, brushes, pens, pencils, colored pencils and crayons).
• Items for carrying books (e.g. book bags, school/book backpacks and lunchboxes).
• Writing instruments (e.g. chalk, highlighters, markers, pens, pencils, colored pencils and crayons).
• Correction products (e.g. whiteout, correction fluid, and pencil erasers).
• Reference materials (e.g. textbooks, dictionaries and thesaurus).
• Tape (e.g. masking, scotch and cellophane tape).
• Book accessories (e.g. book markers and book covers).
• Organizers (e.g. index cards, file folders and organizer notebooks).
• Compasses, protractors, scissors, rulers, pencil sharpeners and calculators.
• Glue and paste.
What kinds of products are typically excluded? Items typically excluded from this tax product code are:
• Hiking backpacks
• Computers
• Computer related equipment
• Headphones
• Telephones
• Office equipment
• Furniture and fixtures Sales Tax Holiday 2024
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