Connecticut Tax Free Week 2023

Connecticut Tax Free Week 2023 starts  August18th.

Connecticut Tax Free Week 2016

Connecticut Tax Free Week [thisyear]

Connecticut Tax Free Week 2023 is scheduled for Sunday, August 18th through Saturday, August 24th, 2023. During Connecticut’s tax free week, the following items will not be subject to state sales tax:* Connecticut Sales Tax Holiday 2023

  • Clothing under $300 per item
  • Shoes under $300 per item

Connecticut Department of Revenue Services finalize Full CT Sales Tax Holiday 2023 Details PDF: CT Tax Free Week Source.

The state of Connecticut is offering a tax free week during August 2023. It applies mainly to clothing and shoes and is intended to coincide with parents’ seasonal back-to-school shopping needs.

Connecticut Tax Free Weekend 2023

The Annual One-Week Sales and Use Tax Exclusion for Clothing and Footwear Costing Less Than $300 runs from
Sunday August 18 through Saturday, August 24.

Note: Connecticut’s 2023 tax free shopping dates have not been released yet. However, based on last year’s dates (shown below), it is likely that Connecticut’s tax free holiday will occur in August 2023. This page will be updated once those dates are officially confirmed on Connecticut’s web site. Tax Free Week in Connecticut 2023 Connecticut Department of Revenue Services available here.