Louisiana Tax Free Weekend 2018

When is the Louisiana Tax Free Weekend 2018

Louisiana Tax Free Weekend 2018 is not happening. Louisiana Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday 2018 is cancelled. Find out why here.

2017 Louisiana Tax Free WeekendWhat is the Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday 2018?

The Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday 2018 provides an exemption from state sales tax on the first $2,500 of the purchase price of most individual items of tangible personal property for non-business use. The state sales tax is payable on the portion of the purchase price of any individual item in excess of $2,500. 2018 Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday

The holiday applies only to the 4 percent state sales tax. It does not apply to sales taxes levied by parishes, municipalities, school boards, and other political subdivisions of the state.


Under Louisiana law, the annual sales tax holiday takes place on the first consecutive Friday and Saturday each August.
The exemption applies statewide to all consumer purchases of tangible personal property, other than vehicles subject to license and title and meals furnished for consumption on the premises where purchased, including to-go orders, provided that the property is not for use in a business, trade, or profession.What items are eligible for exemption?

In addition to the specific exclusions in the Act for vehicles and meals, the state sales tax holiday does not apply to:What items are NOT eligible for exemption?

  • Purchases of taxable services (such as hotel occupancy)
  • Amusement, recreational, and athletic admissions
  • Repairs to tangible personal property
  • Laundry, cleaning, pressing, and dyeing services
  • Vehicle parking
  • The furnishing of cold storage space
  • Printing services
  • Telecommunication services
  • Leases or rentals of tangible personal property

A customer is eligible for the sales tax exemption if during the two days of each annual holiday:What are the conditions for exemption?

  • The customer buys and accepts delivery of eligible property;
  • The customer places property on layaway;
  • The customer acquires property that was previously placed on layaway; or
  • The customer places an order for immediate delivery, even if delivery must be delayed, provided that the customer has not requested delayed shipment. 2015 Louisiana Annual Sales Tax Holiday

The following special provisions apply:Are there any special provisions?

  • The exemption is allowed on both inputs to and withdrawals from layaway.
  • Purchases during the holiday with “rain checks” issued before the two-day holiday are eligible for exemption, but purchases after the holiday with “rain checks” issued during the holiday are not eligible for exemption
  • Orders for immediate shipment are eligible for exemption even if the shipment is after the holiday, provided that the customer does not request delayed shipment
  • The post-holiday exchange of merchandise to effectuate changes in size, color, or correction of defects does not create a tax liability, but exchanges after the holiday for dissimilar items will be considered the purchase of new property on which the sales tax will be payable
  • Items that are normally sold as a unit, such as dining tables and chairs, cannot be individually priced for the purpose of creating a separate eligibility cap for each individual item
  • For a 60-day period after the holiday, dealers who issue refund or credit for the return of merchandise that was eligible for sales tax exemption during the holiday can issue refund or credit for the state sales tax on that returned merchandise only if the customers returning the property have receipts showing that the tax was actually paid on the original purchases, or the dealers are otherwise able to document that the state sales tax was paid on the original purchases
Louisiana Tax Free Weekend 2017

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