Georgia Sales Tax Holiday 2017

The Georgia Department of Revenue  cancelled the Georgia Tax Free Weekend 2017 dates, items list, and limitations.

Georgia Tax Free Weekend 2017 is cancelled. Georgia Back to School Sales Tax Holiday 2017 for Clothing, Computers, and School Supplies July 29, 2017 through July 30, 2017. 

(July 29th – July 30th, 2017) Georgia Back to School Sales Tax Holiday 2017 Items List, Rules and Limits
Georgia Sales Tax Holiday

  • Clothing and Footwear < $100: Clothing and footwear, no sales tax unless item is over $100. 
  • Computers and Computer related items < $1000: Computers, computer components, and prewritten computer software purchased for noncommercial home or personal use with a price $1,000 or less. 
  • School supplies > $20: School supplies, school art supplies, school computer supplies, and school instructional materials purchased for noncommercial use costing $20 or less.



(September 30th – October 2nd, 2016) Georgia Energy Efficient and Water Efficient Sales Tax Holiday 2016 Items List, Rules and Limits

• “Energy Star Qualified Products with a sales price of $1,500.00 or less per item; and
• WaterSense Products with a sales price of $1,500.00 or less per item.”Georgia Tax Free Weekend Energy Star WaterSense 2016

“The Georgia Energy Efficient and Water Efficient Sales Tax Holiday does not apply to:

• Energy Star Qualified Products or WaterSense Products purchased for trade, business, or resale.”

For additional information as to what qualifies as “Energy Star” and “WaterSense” or any other questions pertaining to the sales tax holidays, you may contact the Taxpayer Services Division here.



Georgia has no issue with you using coupons or taking advantage of buy-one-get-one-free sales during the Georgia Sales Tax Holiday. Use this to your advantage and make the most of this great tax free savings event.

Georgia Sales Tax Holiday 2016 & 2017 Breakdown:

Georgia Energy or Water Efficient Products Sales Tax Holiday

Having trouble viewing the PDF’s? Here is a quick breakdown:

Examples of tax-exempt items(no tax paid during GA sales tax holiday):

  • Antique/vintage clothing – Aprons, household and shop – Athletic clothing (e.g., ski wear, uniforms, tennis apparel) – Athletic pads and guards – Athletic supporters – Baby receiving blankets – Baby clothes – Bandanas – Bathing suits and caps – Bathing suit cover-ups – Belts and suspenders – Belts for weightlifting or back support – Blouses – Bras – Caps and hats – Coats and jackets of all types – Capes, shawls, and wraps – Corsets and corset laces – Costumes – Coveralls – Dresses – Diapers, children and adult, including disposable and reusable diapers and diaper covers. – Ear muffs – Football pads – Footwear of all types including cleated and spiked shoes – Formal wear – Garters and garter belts – Girdles – Gloves and mittens for any purpose – Hats and caps – Hand muffs – Headbands (athletic) – Helmets – Hosiery – Insoles and inserts for shoes – Knee pads – Lab coats – Leg warmers – Leotards and tights – Lingerie – Neckties and bowties – Pants – Rainwear – Robes – Scarves – Shin guards – Shirts – Shoe laces – Shorts and skorts – Skates (ice, roller, roller blades) – Skirts – Sleepwear – Socks – Suits – Sweaters – T-shirts – Underwear including long or thermal underwear – Uniforms, athletic and nonathletic – Vests

Examples of taxable items(taxes must be paid even during the GA sales tax holiday):

  • Baby bibs – Belt buckles sold separately – Briefcases – Clothing accessories or equipment – Corsages and boutonnieres – Cosmetics – Costume masks sold separately – Crib blankets – Cuff links – Diaper bags – Eyewear, nonprescription – Fanny packs – Hair notions including, but not limited to, barrettes, hair bows, and hair nets. – Handbags – Handkerchiefs – Hard hats – Jewelry – Key cases – Life jackets and vests – Masks and goggles, protective and swim – Materials used to repair clothing and shoes – Patches and emblems sold separately – Personal flotation devices – Sewing equipment and supplies – Sewing materials – Umbrellas – Wallets – Watches – Watchbands – Wigs and hair pieces

tax free weekend 2017 ga

tax free weekend 2017 georgia

Georgia Sales Tax Holiday 2017

Georgia Tax Free Weekend 2017

Georgia Tax Free Weekend Energy Star and WaterSense

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    As long as your address is in GA taxes will not apply from what I understand. I added some things to my online cart from Walmart. The computer I added was under $1,000 and the estimated tax was $0.00 so it looks like you can shop online too.

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