Earlier date set for Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday 2017

Great news for residents of Tennessee. The Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday 2017 will now be a week earlier than in 2016. The Tennessee Senate voted to move the tennessee tax free weekend to the final weekend in July. This will take affect immediately and be present for Tennessee Tax Free Weekend 2017.Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday 2016

We have updated our Tennessee Tax Free Weekend page to reflect this change.

Story: The full Senate has approved a bill that I sponsored which would move the sales tax holiday weekend to the last weekend in July. The sales tax holiday assists parents with the high costs of back-to-school supplies, which, according to the National Retail Federation, cost families an average of nearly $670. Current law was put into place before the school calendar changed to an earlier start date. The purpose of the bill is to allow families to purchase the educational necessities during the sales tax holiday before the school session begins.