Crestwood, Missouri will not participate in 2016 Sales Tax Holiday

Crestwood will once again not participate in the annual local sales tax holiday offered under state law. There will be no changes to the city’s local sales tax collected during the period that runs Aug. 5-7 this year.

The Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the measure Tuesday night. They agreed with the city administrator that the city is in a sensitive financial position. “We don’t need money not coming in,” Kris Simpson said.

The board has opted out of the tax holiday during the past few years.

It was not determined how much Crestwood would lose from the 1.5 percent local sales tax not collected on clothing, personal computers and school supplies.

“The ironic thing is that last year, the opt-out was supposed to benefit the greatest the sales at Best Buy and Office Max, and neither one is open in Crestwood any longer,” Simpson noted.

Cities with large shopping areas generally opt out, research showed. Without actions by cities, the tax holiday automatically goes into effect. State sales tax collections are not affected.

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