Gov. Walker signed into a law that would increase the Wisconsin Sales Tax Holiday 2018 from two to five days.

Wisconsin Sales Tax Holiday didn’t happen in 2017 because there was no bill passed, but now in 2018 instead of the typical two days, we will have five glorious days of tax free savings in Wisconsin.  See more details below.

What’s included in the Wisconsin Sales Tax Holiday?

The five day WI Sales Tax Holiday includes school supplies of $75 or less, clothing $75 or less per item, computers $750 or less, and computer supplies like printers $250 or less. This is inline with the majority of the back to school tax free weekends.

When is the Wisconsin Sales Tax Holiday 2018?

The sales tax holiday from Aug. 1 to Aug. 5 will exempt some purchases from state sales tax. The WI Sales Tax Holiday will be from Wednesday, August 1st to Sunday August 5th, 2018. Get news and alerts about this Tax Free Weekend from our Facebook event.

See the official source here. Wisconsin Public Radio