States with No Sales Tax

We have the list of the states with no sales tax below:

  1. Alaska: Alaska is one of the five states with no sales tax. While Alaska doesn’t collect a sales tax, it does allow local jurisdictions to enact their own local sales taxes. Visitors of Alaska do have to pay cruise ship and vehicle rental fees.
  2. Delaware: Delaware has no state tax, but business related expenses are held to a Delaware state tax. Individuals of Delaware have no state sales tax though.
  3. Montana: While Montana has no state sales tax, individuals who are part of the recreational vehicle community do have to pay a 3% tax on resorts.
  4. New Hampshire: New Hampshire residents do not have a state tax, but they are responsible for paying a tax on restaurant meals, lodging, and car rental. New Hampshire tourism is the only sale related tax though.
  5. Oregon: Oregon has no state sales tax. The only quirk Oregon has is that you cannot get a tax break for paying sales tax in other states if you are an Oregon resident.

This ends the list of states with no sales tax. We hope that we will have many more states with no sales tax in the future.

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