North Carolina Tax Free Weekend might happen for 2017

Great news for North Carolina residents. North Carolina Tax Free Weekend 2017 could be happening.

North Carolina Tax Free Weekend 2017 details:

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Elected leaders are working on meeting the next deadline to introduce bills that could change how things work in North Carolina.

It’s now time to call your representative, asking them to throw their support to get the bills passed.

Already gaining some popular support in the area, the bills would help parents save some money when they go buy items for the next school year.

Families groaned when the state got rid of the sales tax holiday years ago. Parents, shoppers and even local businesses had nothing but positive things to say about possibly bringing the tax-free weekend back. People in the community say it’s a win-win for everyone.

“Probably at least makes you have a double day from a normal Saturday,” said Rhonda Sawyer, small business owner. The owner of Shoe Crate is talking about the sales tax holiday. It’s the one time a year where shoppers can purchase their favorite back-to-school and clothing items without any sales tax. “On one hand it seems like a small break, but any break helps.”

While the idea sounds nice, North Carolina isn’t one of the states where the tax-free weekend is a reality. In 2013, lawmakers eliminated the holiday in a tax reform bill saying it cost the state $13 million in lost revenue. Now it’s back on the table and shoppers in the area couldn’t be happier.

“It benefits hard working citizens of the community to at least have one day where they can go out shopping and not have to worry about sales tax,” said Mandy Ingalls, a parent in Eastern North Carolina.

“We would plan on like the one day a year to go do a major shop of everything we could,” added Tonya Zeczycki, a local shopper.

Sawyer believes it will return one day, “It’s definitely a win for a small business to have double the traffic that you would normally have on a regular day.”

Previously, the annual tax-free weekend applied to school supplies, clothing, shoes, and computers. The bill to bring back the holiday will be heard next week in the Senate Finance Committee.

Source: WNCT